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Sensual Essence

Styx | Crystal Waist Beads

Styx | Crystal Waist Beads

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Named after the Styx River, these waistbeads represent serenity, virtue, history, and glory. The Styx River is a prominent figure in ancient greek mythology. The river is said to be the divide between world of the living and the dead.

QUANTITY: 1 (one) strand

      Tie-On Sizing

      Tie-On Strands are about 50 inches in length. Dending on how it is tied, you may use excess strand for an anklet.

      Uses for Waistbeads

      Reasons for wearing waist beads vary from person to person and are personal to you. Some uses include but, are not limited to: tracking weight loss, body jewelry, crystal healing, and growth in womanhood. 

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