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Sensual Essence

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

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Sizing and Care

Golden Hour : also known as the magic hour

Golden Hour Waist Beads were inspired by the opportune time in which there is a perfect balance between the sunrise/set and the sky. We all have a point in our life, where you are at the summit or highlight. This represents that time, where everything is at a perfect balance. You do not only have one golden hour in a lifetime, it is everyday that you make the most of your time.

QUANTITY: 1 (one) strand


        Reasons for wearing waist beads vary from person to person and are personal to you. Some uses include but, are not limited to: tracking weight loss, body jewelry, crystal healing, and growth in womanhood. 


        WHITE: divinity, purity, innocence, hope

        GOLD: royalty, wealth, status, history

        BLACK: respect, secrecy, nobility, maturity, power

        GREEN: harvest, growth, renewal, life, fertility

        BLUE:  wisdom, love, unity, prosperity



        Tie-On Strands are 60 inches standard sizing. If you would like a a larger sizing, please indicate in the provided spacing.


        Each waistbead is made to order by hand with customization to specified selections, such as measurement, clasp and strand type, and charms if applicable.

        Please advise that the estimated processing time is between 2-14 business days. Materials are sourced for quality and may take time to arrive before creation!


        We know our waistbeads may seem pricey, but please know that each order plays a part in fulfilling our mission to uplift women and provide you with quality beads. Here's how we do it:

        1. Zill Fund. We give away 5% of all sales to support women in need, whether single, with child, or in college.

        2. Faith Fund. We give away another 5% of all sales to help individuals and family that are without a home.

        Thank you so much for your support!

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