Sizing and Care

Sizing: Using measuring tape, measure around your waist. You can place your waistbeads as high or as low as you want them along your torso and hip.



PLEASE NOTE: If the waistbeads are too snug, this creates tension on the string and may cause your strand to break over time. You want your beads to fit comfortably.


Waistbeads are not waist trainers. Keep in mind that you bend, bloat, stretch, etc. throughout the day. If you would like a skin tight fit, I recommend the stretchy waistbeads.


Care: Slow down and be gently. Waistbeads can snag and pop from repeated tugging. Even a rock can be broken down just from the friction of water drops. 


Tie- on beads can be worn everyday and in the shower. I would recommend removeable clasp users to not wear in the shower to preserve longevity of the finishing.