How to Tie Your WaistBeads

Traditionally waist beads are worn along the hips semi-permanently, which means they are worn while bathing, sleeping, swimming, etc. until they break or they are cut off. If you are using them for weight management it's best to sit them on your mid section up high, rather than hanging low near the hips.
To tie them on, It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 
Step 1: Cut the knot and bring the string around the waist. 
Step 2: Find your desired placement and cross the two ends over each other.
Step 3: Now, tie the strands. I recommend at the very least 3 knots. 
Okay, maybe four steps.
Step 4: Cut the excess (optional: flame the knots). 
The knots will later flatten and will not be as noticeable. After it flattens, you can cut for string off, but DO NOT cut the knot itself. Be sure not to tie them too tight or else they will break! Leave enough room for sitting, bending and bloating.